Handmade Jewelry

Kundalini, our new line of handmade jewelry is dedicated to all the women from ancient world history to the coming centuries. Our new line of jewelry is given a contemporary twist, to match the style of the working women of this century. Some of our design inspirations are drawn from India, Africa, Aborigines of Australia and other indigenous ethnicity. 

The name 'Kundalini', which also means 'Shakti', is the creative, feminine force of infinite wisdom. This resides at the base of our spine in a dormant state. It is represented by a snake coiled three and a half times, which when activated, makes us conscious of our subtle body and the energies that flow within our Chakras - containing our energetic imprints, patterns and forces that drive our lives.

Kundalini, is a powerful state of being which we regard, is synonymous to the current state of women, considering the changing times of this century. World over, women are on their way to completing a full circle from the days when they used to be worshiped as Goddesses, to the days of suppression and now, emerging into this powerful empowered state of being, of women across the world.

We are still several million miles away from reaching a total state of equality. But, we have come a long way, and that is inspiring and paving stories for the coming generations to uplift themselves. Celebrating the Kundalini in every one of us, and the long journey of women till date, we are happy to launch our new line of handmade jewelry, made in Melbourne, Australia.