Tree of life Pendants

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Tree of life pendant makes a special energy piece. This is made of silver plated wire which is used to represent a tree with tumbled chips of crystals for leaves. The combination of the 7 crystal chips works together to cleanse, energize and align your energy centers which are the 7 Chakras. These crystals energize, enhance healing and balance all the low and high energies in the body and help keep negativity at bay. This pendant is a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones who would like to experience the energy these little beautiful crystals give away. These can be worn with any outfit as they look chic. To cleanse these crystal chips, burn some incense or sage leaves and let the pendant bathe in the smoke for few seconds. You can do this and alternatively energize these pendants under moonlight once every month on full moon day. Do not wash the pendants as it may cause discolouration of the wire.